Leadership Spotlight: Dustin Frazier, Director of Client Success

Each month, we’re interviewing members of Volusion’s leadership team to gain insight into the people behind the company. This month, we’re talking with Volusion’s Director of Client Success, Dustin Frazier. How did your background prepare you for your time at Volusion? I studied Computer Programming in college and have always been interested in working in tech. This helped immensely, as I started with Volusion as part of our Customer Experience team helping merchants who were experiencing technical issues. Having extra knowledge about coding and websites made assisting them much easier. What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received? I listen to podcasts and watch sales enablement videos constantly. They usually have some great insight as it relates to creating a high-performance team. The best advice I’ve heard is “There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone. Always be growing.” What do you think is the biggest challenge for ecommerce businesses at the moment? Right now, keeping products in stock. With these uncertain times, production can be slow or halted. This makes it really tough to fulfill orders in some cases. To remedy this, many merchants are adopting new lead-time policies and/or providing site-wide updates via a banner to let customers know when to expect items or fulfillment. Being transparent with customers is always the best way to communicate. What are the most common changes you see merchants making to their ecommerce strategy lately? I’ve seen an influx of merchants lowering promotion and discount volume and focusing on reaching a broader audience. With ecommerce seeing a boom during COVID, it’s not about increasing revenue by lowering prices, but about reaching all potential customers to increase overall sales volume. This isn’t the case for everyone, but it is for the vast majority. What’s in your department’s pipeline for improving the Volusion merchant experience? The Client Success team is focusing on being proactive and building relationships with our Prime merchants to help drive growth for their respective businesses. As a perk of being a Prime account holder, we offer business reviews and a slew of growth initiatives to help accelerate success, including updates to our product. We’re also working on an improved checkout experience to help increase conversion rates and be more mobile responsive.

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