Do you have a niche in business? Join the C4C Global Entrepreneurship Programme to scale

In partnership with Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc , the C4C Global Entrepreneurship Programme (GEFP) is an initiative organised by Conversations For Change (C4C), a non-profit organisation, with a vision to inspire, motivate and empower youths in finding and soaring in their passion.
Focused on building a nation of young entrepreneurs, the yearly-free capacity building programme thrives at providing the needed support and training to stand firm in relevant areas of development. Annually, a batch of young entrepreneurs are well equipped and propped up to start their own businesses on a solid foundation.
While providing a platform for networking and collaborative innovation, the programme also provides a forum where youths are effectively and inclusively involved in the growth of the society, as well as creating an opportunity for them to reach their potential.
So far, young vibrant Nigerians have been selected, trained and supported in starting their own businesses each year since 2018. Over thirty young Nigerians have emerged as successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

One year free capacity-building support to ensure you succeed as an entrepreneur
Mentorship from experienced and successful entrepreneurs
Networking and partnerships


You must be a talented youth within the ages of 21 to 40 years
You must be ready to become a valuable and creative member of your society, in need of inspiration, empowerment, guidance, and support
You must have a good business idea and passion for being an entrepreneur

How to apply
Are you passionate about business and society? Do you have a potentially good business idea? The C4C Global Entrepreneurship Programme presents to you a chance to participate in a life-changing opportunity. Boost your idea and startup to scale globally. Apply via the website before the deadline on Monday, February 15, 2021.

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